Morocco Interactive Playspace Project

In July & August I’m heading to Morocco to build another PlaySpace for kids. This PlaySpace will be a digitally interactive PlaySpace, made modular and with recycled materials so that it could be open-source, rebuilt and replicated anywhere, by anyone, especially in the developing parts of the world.

I’m funding this project in the next 30 days through a crowd funding campaign on PlaygroundIdeas, and need your help through this. It would be great if you could donate to the project, and share it with your friends and family who might be interested and could help as well:


If you could give towards this project to help me achieve this funding goal, and get the project out to these communities, that would be amazing! If not, even sharing it would help a lot, and it would help me to share this project around once it’s completed and provide more kids with fun interactive PlaySpaces!



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