Getting into the heat of things

Halfway through week 2 and things are steaming along, so I thought it a good time to start logging the progression before I skip too far ahead!

After all the research from last week, collecting around 40 board game strategies, I went about organising them into categories. By enlarge, most board games fall into one of 5 “types” of conceptual gameplay. At least, as far as the 40 games I researched. These 5 types in my wording are; Route Games, Entrapment Games, Hunting Games, Racing Games, and Alignment Games


The project is specifically created to use modular components to create a larger Playspace, and Morocco’s patterns and designs lends itself to just this sort of modular assembly. In a lot of the Islamic Sacred Geometry this modularity is quite recognisable, from how patterns nest together over larger surfaces all the way through to how specific patterns on tiles add to greater geometries. I have researched and mapped a few of these patterns in my time here so far and deconstructed them in an attempt to find the underlying structure and modular sections – with success!

The plan is to deal with each of the 5 game “types” as a section of the larger Playspace, which I have divided up according to a very standard Moroccon pattern. These 5 sections then will be divided in their own modules, can exist as separate spaces themselves, but will also be a part of the greater whole Playspace. So in effect, the overall design will be about creating pattern based play opportunities through constructing and manipulating pathways.

So for now I have taken each of the 5 game “types,” analysed and conceptualised, and assigned a pattern to each. These are the starting points for the design concepts. The following is what came from the research, and where i’m going with it. I won’t put in all the bare bones of the process, as it is probably not the right reading material in a blog, but I will tease away with some pictures of where each section is heading.

Route Section
Creating routes by seizing opportunity through deception.


Entrapment Section
Systematic forcing into a trap


Hunting Section
The predictive nature of patterned movement


Racing Section
A simultaneous strategy of creating advantage and sabotage


Alignment Section
Sculpting order out of chaos through constant shifting


So there it is, a little bit of that. All things going well by the weekend I will be deeply into some of the designs, so I will make a big update post around then again, and share some of the ideas.

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