Thunder Smash

A Story about Super Heros!

Thunder Smash is a comic book style live performance using digital puppetry performed in front of a live digital screen or projection. The main concept behind the show is to combine digital puppetry technologies and comedic performance in a cartoon comic design style. The show uses use a lot of camera tracking technologies on stage, with puppeteers visibly controlling the digital characters that will be projected on the screen live on stage, as well as taking part in the action of the show itself.

This combines live action, digital puppetry and some creative live action puppetry into a hilarious visual comic book collage! The characters are a collage from known comic book heros. This brings in moments of preconception towards the characters that are played upon to develop the plot and comedy within the show. By using known characters we place them in context and scenarios beyond that of their usual style. We combine this with our own clowning experience by placing (misplacing) ourselves in their worlds to unfold very strange events!

 Here are some photos from the workshops; We take the kids through making and performing their own digital puppets

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