After Light – Singapore

After Light – Storybox
The headline installation at the Singaporean Marina Bay iLight festival in 2012 the final work was presented across 27 containers and 14 screens. The structure also included four art installation spaces by local and New Zealand artists Interrupt. Hindu temples, flaming money and the faces of humanity make up some of the content for this multi screen projection filmed on location in Singapore and New Zealand. The work is a continuation of our process combining location based narrative, remix aesthetic, and shipping containers. From creation myths to flashing neon tubes, the role of light can be conceived as a symbol of progress or an ancient way of communicating with the spirit world, After Light explores how it continues to inspire and influence people.

iLight Festival
Singapore 2011

Robert Appierdo
Jess Feast
Mark Westerby
Marty WIlliams
Andy Hummel
Hamish Waterhouse
Mutliscreen Programming
Stu Foster & Johann Nortje
Production Manager
Mary Laine
Graphic Design
Matt Gleeson

All images, text and videos courtesy of Storybox

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