Edge of Darkness – Rome

Four Arias At the Edge of Darkness
Seven Italian composers were invited to collaborate in pairs with seven invited international visual artists to create original multi-media visual and sound performances celebrating Rome using the theme of the She-Wolf. Four Arias at the Edge of Darkness used four digital animations (“Wolf Arias”) to interpret the symbolism of the four elements of nature and their relationship to mythology and rituals of cleansing. The performance included candles lining half a kilometer of the Tiber River, while the digital animations were projected in six locations onto the 12m high stone embankment walls. Production began at sunset and ended at dawn, when the candles along the river were slowly extinguished until darkness returned to the Tiber at the moment of sunrise. Our project played at the end of night right before dawn

European Festival of Music
Tiber River
Rome, Italy 2006

Projection Animation
Johann Nortje
James Shaw
Concept Design
Daniel K Brown

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