Sydney Bridge Upside Down 2013
with Taki Rua
Set in Calliope Bay, the mythic place from our childhoods, where self-discovery plants its earliest and most potent seeds. Sydney Bridge Upside Down is an adolescent memory of when we begin to live in the twilight hours between night and day. Dreams become nightmares, friends become foes; things no longer seem to make sense as they once did. At the edge of the world a young boy tests the boundaries of his physical and psychological environment with devastating consequences.
The show heavily featured many AV elements, including live camera sequences and sound reactive content.

Taki Rua

James Ashcroft
AV Design
Johann Nortje & Rob Appierdo
Set & Costume Designer
Kasia Pol
John Gibson
Lighting Designer
Nathan McKendry
Production Manager
Helena Coulton
Stage Manager
Amber Maxwell
Matt Eller

Images from New Plymouth show, by Mark Bellringer

Images from Wellington show, by Phillip Mercy

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