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with The Interrupt Collective
Geo-Ping is a spatially interactive projection mapping audio-visual environment. The project consists of projecting onto fragmented shapes, releasing an audio-visual exploration of space through viewer interaction. The project uses emergent technologies to create interactive hybrid physical/digital environments that test the limits interfacing between physical space and digital space.
As the viewer walks in front of the mapped surface, tracked three dimensionally in the physical and presented in the virtual world, their digital shadow splits open the edges it touches (of the shapes within the projection), revealing shards of light emanating from behind. These individual shards of light take on a particular shape, activating the audio corresponding to the nodes of each shape that is revealed. From this the projection becomes an instrument with which the user can perform with sound, light and virtual space.

Wellington LUX 2011
Performance Arcade 2011
Singapore iLight Festival 2012

The Interrupt Collective
Projection and interaction programming
Johann Nortje
Audio Design
Angus Woodhams
Structure Design
Kris Henning

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