Jeu Play

Jeu Play with The Interrupt Collective
New Orchestra Practices
Jeu Play is an interactive digital art and music installation which the audience has open access to explore, perform and interact with. The work invites the audience to play with surprising instruments discovering a colourful universe of immersive sound. The installation inhabits a shipping container where the five instruments made from hacked game controllers and suspended by fluorescent stropping are nothing like you have never seen before. “It looks like something from a futuristic fitness gym” Audience member – Auckland Fringe 2013.
Audiences’ actions play and influence the work to produce compositions of sound and movement. Periodically, the installation changes “mode” to an orchestra performance when a conductor invites a group of the audience to play together as an orchestra by following instructions. Each member of the orchestra chooses an interface and in a few minutes, the conductor teaches them how to use their new instrument. This ensemble of novice instrumentalists is then ready to perform a symphony together. “As well as leading the sonic journey the conductor is also acting as a choreographer, composing the performers movements which is the main visual element of the work” – Angus Woodhams – Interrupt Collective (conductor)

Performance Arcade 2013
Auckland Fringe 2013

Nolwenn Hugain-Lacire
The Interrupt Collective
Interaction Design
The Interrupt Collective
Spatial Design
Johann Nortje’
Stuart Foster
Audio Design and Programming
Angus Woodhams
Brooke Mitchell

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