Inspired by Edwin A. Abbott’s 1884 ‘romance of many dimensions’ novella, Flatland asks: what do we do when we think we have been enlightened? What comes next?

The audience is invited to explore an unthinkable world where only two dimensions exist, like a sheet of paper. The story told explores what happens to the character Square, when his concept of the world and all its possibilities implode as he is revealed a world in 3D.

Set in the 2D and 3D worlds, Flatland traverses the art of digital puppetry; the real-time interplay between live bodies and projected image, interactive audio and digital reactions utilising Xbox Kinect technology and wearable electronics. Technology, design, digital puppetry; they’re all equally important live performers in this exploratory, totally original work which plays with and questions what theatre looks like in an increasingly digital world.

Presented by Interrupt Collective
Produced by Cuba Creative
Ralph Upton
Animation and Interaction Design
Johann Nortje
Sound Design
Angus Woodhams

Brigid Costello
Melanie Hamilton
Simon Haren
Thomas LaHood

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