Sydney Bridge Upside Down
At the edge of the world a young boy tests the boundaries of his physical and psychological environment with devastating consequences.         Sydney Bridge Upside Down – a sinister love story, a darkly comic coming-of-age fable told from the perspective of a deteriorating mind. Taki Rua Production’s adaptation of David Ballantyne’s classic novel will be theatrical morbidity at its very best.

Taki Rua

What a tour de force! I was astonished and enthralled and shaken…I thought the set design, the sound design, realisation of the essence of the book, the acting, were all first class  – Kate De Goldi

Director  – James Ashcroft
Set & Costume Designer  – Kasia Pol
Composer – John Gibson
Lighting Designer – Nathan McKendry
AV Designer – Johann Nortje & Rob Appierdo
Production Manager – Helena Coulton
Stage Manager – Amber Maxwell
Operator – Matt Eller


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