Acute Self

Acute Self
The Interrupt Collective

Acute Self is based on Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending Staircase and investigates how a person occupies space as they move. The viewer’s movement generates a 3 dimensional geometric shape. This shape then changes its perspective as you continue to move from side to side. The viewer can experience the virtual space they have created through their movement. This project investigates how we interface with the amalgamation of the digital and physical space. The viewer is given the opportunity to investigate and interact with their own movement as well as experience how they occupy their digital and physical space.

Digital Art Live 2012
Wellington Lux 2012
Tiger Translate Auckland 2012

This exhibition was first presented at the Digital Art Live screens in Auckland and was made possible through the support of Creative New Zealand, CoLab and AUT.

The Interrupt Collective;
Johann Nortje
Ben Jack
Harry Silver
Stuart Foster

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